Smart Working: the job of the future at a crossroads

10 October 2022

Smart Working: the job of the future at a crossroads


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The Department of Management Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano in cooperation with, a well-known website dedicated to digital innovation, has carried out an in-depth study on the profound change that has taken place in the world of work following the introduction of Smart Working and, which are the future evolution of this phenomenon in terms of numbers and characteristics.

In this very complex scenario, the question is which will be the path to follow. Specifically, on the one hand, the way is paved that leads to interpreting Smart Working as mere remote work, useful for managing emergencies and supporting the work-life balance of people, while on the other we question its effects on long-term commitment and performance.

It has been analyzed that remote work alone, if lacking other smart features and when not included in a broader framework of flexibility and process review, does not bring benefits either on a personal or organizational level. It can instead lead to more negative results even for those who do not have any form of flexibility such as on-site workers. Returning to a traditional work model, however, with the mandatory presence in office, could generate resistance and be completely unproductive for the well-being of your employees.

The increased independence and flexibility in the management of working hours and goals originated with the advent of Smart Working, has produced an improvement in productivity and psychological well-being of people, as well as a reduction in costs both for companies and for the workers.

In this study, various data were analyzed, such as the estimate of the growth of Smart Working in the coming years, as well as the level of productivity and engagement of people towards the organizations they work for and the three profiles of Smart Workers based on the methods of work taken.


Download it HERE and find out more.


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