Find unconventional working spaces with Urbnx

10 October 2022

Find unconventional working spaces with Urbnx


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“You’re in the office two days a week, but where should you toil the rest of the time?”

In this article, Wired has talked about points of inspiration or how to take a cue to find a place to work stimulating our creativity and productivity.


As a matter of fact, working always from home can be alienating and not favor our productivity, or even lead us to situations of burnout in which we are always connected turning our home into our office. Precisely to avoid all this, has advised us of alternative places where you can work remotely, without being forced to always do it from home.


This is exactly what the Urbnx philosophy wants to convey: to leave work stress away from home and create new social situations, thanks to Hosts that allow you to work remotely in their own spaces; facilities as well as companies and welfare platforms that promote the well-being of their employees by purchasing new and unconventionalspaces, allowing them flexibility and freedom in choosing from where to work any day.


Read the article HERE.


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