A new way of working: Urbnx is born

10 October 2022

A new way of working: Urbnx is born


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Just after the pandemic subsided, it was clear that the world of work would never be the same again.Thousands of people have started working from home, with a new approach through video calls on Zoom, Meet, Teams and other platforms, which replaced face to face meetings and working relationships for almost two years. All this has brought positive, but also negative aspects: if on the one hand there has been an increase in productivity and a reduction in delivery times, at the same time there have been many cases of burnout and social alienation, which have led people to isolate themselves at home and work at any time, in a confused mix of work and private life.

Urbnx was born precisely for this: to help people and companies find alternative work spaces to the home and office. Spaces that are more efficient, more practical, more integrated into the community and more connected to the environment.

On the other hand, the position of a remote worker must have different characteristics from those we have been used to until now. It must guarantee practicality, internet connection, convenience, safety and not necessarily have to look like an office. Urbnx wants to communicate a new way of working, where the concepts of flexibility and creativity coexist. In which way?

To answer this question, we tried to imagine the office of the future: in our opinion, it is important that it has social spaces where people can work freely, even without desks. The office of the future could be located in a villa in the countryside, in a museum, in the lobby of an hotel, or in a coffe shop. It all depends on us and our needs. Here, this is what Urbnx wants to communicate through its spaces: everyone is free to be whomever they choose to be and to use the space they need, according to individual needs, both when working or being creative, as well as also emotional.

Urbnx is the new platform available to users, companies and Hosts who want to offer their spaces to get back into the game after the Pandemic. In this blog, we will keep you updated on the news of the world of remote work and all the possibilities of using our new platform.
Work everywhere, choose Urbnx.


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